Advanced Atmospheric Data Visualization System


The Challenge

And now… how do we view the data collected?

Technology at the service of the environment

Smart cities are supported by the opportunities provided by new technologies to analyse data on their environment and assess the impact on them.

In this context, CityObserver was devised: an innovative graph, space and time display system, with multiple environmental indicators, such as temperature CO2 or UV radiation.

All of this data is collected by a system of weather stations –fixed and mobile- distributed across the area; each new measurement is sent, via mobile phone, to a remote server, which interpolates it to obtain a series of consistent data.

In order to rapidly analyse so much data, our customer needed a web application that would display, in a geolocalized way, the different measurements in an interactive 3D environment.

This is where our capacity for technological innovation comes to life.

The solution

A high performance 3D engine

The most natural way to extract a practical and instant reading of the data collected about a measurement (such as the air temperature) is seeing it displayed as a "sheet" over the geographical area analysed.

This sheet shows the highest values as peaks and the lowest as troughs, thereby allowing rapid localisation of the areas that could present anomalies.

Our previous experience in developing graph representation systems allowed us to use the most advanced display technologies for web browsers: 3D engines based on Flash technologies, such as Away3D.

By creating this virtual environment, accelerated by GPU, the user can interact with the area represented, moving the viewpoint to view it from any angle. This results in unrivalled freedom when analysing geolocalized information.

An interface with a futuristic design that is also absolutely logical and simplified gives access to all of the features and options available, as well as providing exactly the numeric values needed.

Cycle-IT has proved that it knows how to rise to challenges;

it has achieved a unique and impressive visual solution.

Marc Arnal
CTO in Flowlab

The result

Striking results

CityObserver, through a visually impressive interface, allows the user to analyse environment data in an unprecedented way.

A new perspective when representing geolocalized data over the area that is very impressive.

3D visualization of single or combined measurements.

Visual identification of minimum and maximum thresholds.

Complete freedom of movement within the area represented.

Display by time range through selectable data ranges.

CityObserver CityObserver CityObserver
Thanks to Away3D and a good user experience design,

we have managed to represent the key atmospheric indicators in three dimensions.

Antonio Olmo
Software Engineer

Tasks performed
  • Technological research
  • Devise the solution
    for web browsers
  • Content architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Design the interface
  • Design the features
  • Technical production
  • Integration with external server

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