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The Challenge

The time has come for mobility

Inversis Banco – a bank specialising in investment products – needed to provide its customers with a new mobile channel to access all trading and cash features: iPad and Android tablets.

The app had to be attractive, easy to use and also had to integrate with social networks capable of fostering useful communication between users.

The solution

Buy futures from a tablet? Done.

From the start, it was clear from that the key aspects for achieving a successful application were the following:

Access to the feature

Although it is an app for tablets, the large number of features and views made organising the content a major challenge. In the end, using a coherent information architecture and simple gesture mechanisms that ease browsing and access to filters, the goal was achieved.

Data display

The paradigm was how to manage huge amounts of data – when visualizing stock markets – in a way that is useful for the user.

In order to resolve it, a display system based on two modes was devised (grid and list), combined with two formats (compact and extended). In this way, users can adapt the results to their specific needs. The grid format is particularly useful: on displaying the minimum information about an instrument, it provides a full combined view of an entire market and of the IBEX35 stock market index.

Social networks

After assessing the alternatives on the market, it was concluded that Twitter was the social network that offered the greatest potential for users. Twitter has proved to be unique for instant communication, making it the ideal tool for investors to give their opinions, assess and recommend securities.

When making decisions, investors not only have real-time share prices and historic data but they also receive the latest financial information from experts at Inversis and from their community.


Finally, and going a step further, an innovative system of recommendations from the users of the application based on hashtags was devised, which allows them to receive and send news and recommendations that ease browsing of the instrument in detail with default settings.

Trading is now more intuitive.

The investor can access all of the information about a security with a single gesture and have all the information needed to make a decision to hand.

Alberto García
Creative Director

The result

A benchmark app in its sector

The final result was an impressive app that provided both customers and Inversis employees with full and easy access to the contracted services from a tablet.

This has allowed Inversis Banco to distance itself as the leading company in mobility for investment bank services.

Inversis Inversis Inversis Inversis Inversis
This has undoubtedly been our greatest achievement.

An exemplary execution of a very complex project has been achieved with young technology in which we have been pioneers.

Javier Molina
Company Manager

Tasks performed
  • Devise the solution
  • Content architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Design the interface
  • Design the features
  • Technical production
  • Integration with Twitter and RSS
  • Integration of metrics with Google Analytics

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