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The challenge

You need to modernise in order to grow

Grupo CTO, leader in preparation courses for the MIR (medical residency) and EIR (nursing residency) examinations, has more than 9,200 students and 200 teachers in 12 countries. And it keeps growing...


Optimum management of such a large amount of resources whilst extending the planning and report generation capabilities meant retiring internal management software and replacing it with a new environment that rose to the occasion.

Defining the future of distance learning

Responding to these needs meant developing a scalable system that was well-structured and capable of providing maximum flexibility when planning resources and generating reports. At the same time, the user interface had to be extremely easy to use, so that it involved a minimum learning curve for the administration team.

The solution

Millenium is a collaborative resource management and planning system, based on client-server web technology, which centralises all of the company’s administration and planning department’s data and the staff’s data.

As it is a horizontal solution, which covers several departments, access to the management areas is provided according to the user profile.

Resource management

Firstly, administration staff can manage information about students, teachers or teaching centres with their respective classrooms. Virtually nothing.

Teacher coordination

Web access provides Grupo CTO teachers with a specific access level through which they can coordinate their availability, both geographical and temporal.


Finally, specific modules like Millenium Planner are available to planning managers, which eases logistics management of the different types of courses based on the resources previously provided. This module stands out for three essential aspects:


Automated generation of new plans based on different time distribution algorithms.


Optimum visualization, through extensive calendars, of the entire course plan prepared.


Flexibility to generate tailored reports, which will then be made available to teachers and students.

The result

Productivity and quality of service

Thanks to the convenient workflow provided by Millenium, Grupo CTO has significantly improved its productivity. Flexibility and speed when preparing new reports have speeded up internal communication with teachers.


A significant improvement in internal organisation and production procedures that will allow them to continue to lead their sector for a long time to come.

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We are very satisfied with the interface developed for Millenium.

The challenge of creating extremely complicated teaching calendars has been achieved.

Software Engineer

Tasks performed
  • Design the technical solution
  • Content architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Design the interface
  • Design the features
  • Technical production
  • Integration with enterprise server

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