Multiplatform e-learning solution


The Challenge

A new image for new times and devices

With the premise of offering the best service to its students, Grupo CTO decided to redefine its online VideoClases, a support service that provides its students with the content of all subjects online.

These new VideoClases must provide higher quality than the content presented. To do this, they are prepared to create, from scratch, new audio-visual materials with higher quality and in a shorter period of time.

Furthermore, this time, the solution must be multiplatform, as students can access from the students’ web portal and from the iPad tablets provided by Grupo CTO.

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The solution

Defining the future of distance learning
New user interface

To accomplish its mission well, the interface of the new VideoClases had to be practically transparent to the user, focusing on the educational content. To achieve this, a practical and minimalist solution was presented, which maximises space and provides clarity and convenience.

The key factor for achieving this was to remove the edges, integrating the video in streaming as another element in the scenario. This was possible thanks to recording the teacher on a chroma key background that would then become transparent.

New planning and content management tools

Considering the large number of resources that Grupo CTO plans to generate (hundreds of videos with their respective slides), it would be essential to develop specific tools that allow the production team to combine these contents, maintaining a high level of productivity.

After defining the optimum workflow, in collaboration with the content creation team, the new desktop applications that feed the platform were developed: the Topic Editor and the CTO Course Planner.

New revision system for teachers

Finally, it was observed that the content validation flow, a task in which every teacher is involved, could be improved in order to achieve a faster, more secure and more uniform process.

To do this, a specific version of the web client was developed that allowed teachers to perform validation tasks based on the class script and then send these notes directly to the head of editing.

Now the student decides how and where

to access our support content.

Sandra León
Interaction Manager, Grupo CTO

The result

Multiscreen takes the stage

The end result is a complete system, consisting of two desktop applications that allow Grupo CTO to easily edit and validate content, a revision application for the teacher and a dual solution, PC + Tablet, for the student.

This multiscreen solution allows the student to access the support material sequentially: sometimes from a PC, through a web browser, and other times from an iPad tablet, when higher mobility is required or when it is simply more convenient.

Videoclases CTO Videoclases CTO Videoclases CTO Videoclases CTO Videoclases CTO Videoclases CTO
Process automation and ease of use

provided by the new content management applications allow Grupo CTO to maximise productivity whilst minimising

Miguel Martín-Forero
Operation Manager

Tasks performed
  • Devise the solution
  • Content architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Design the interface
  • Design the features
  • Technical production
  • Expert training

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