Antialiaser for PC and Mac

makes possible to set visual adjustments to adapt accurately all texts from your original designs to a Flex or AIR project.

Current version: 1.0.1

Take the control over font types in Flex

Antialiaser is a free AIR application developed by Cycle Information Technology, S.L. that makes OpenType and TrueType font visualization easy, allowing you to customize them precisely so you can use them inside your Flex and AIR projects.

You will be able to

  • Embed easily your desired fonts for your Flex and AIR projects.
  • Fine tune and adjust your fonts for optimal visualization.
  • Copy live generated CSS styles and include it in your project.

Aimed to professionals and newcomers

This application can be used by professionals with years of experience or by Flex/AIR design newcomers with no years of experience at all.

Those developers familiarized with Flex will find Antialiaser a quick and useful tool, which will allow them to include required fonts for their projects.

Apart from that, creatives, graphical designers and UX designers will be able to add unique fonts easily. Such thing will allow them to use all of their creative potential in the development and design of AIR and Flex based applications.

From an educational point of view, Antialiaser shows newcomers, designers and developers included, typographical concepts and elements that defined Flex 3 components, suchs as Label and Text controls.

About Cycle-IT

Cycle Information Technology (aka Cycle-IT) develop innovative web applications using mainly Adobe Flex & AIR and JAVA / Spring for the server side.

Also conducts research and provides consulting around web and desktop technologies.

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