We develop applications for

the new multi-screen world

Cycle-IT provides a complete software design and development service so that your company gets the most out of the new multiscreen world.

We create everything from apps for mobility and new devices like SmartTVs to multiplatform web and desktop applications.

A comprehensive array of solutions that will allow you to reach all of your customers or users from whatever screen they access.

Our capacity to innovate, our experience and our in-depth knowledge of technology makes us a reliable partner to help you to develop your business.

Design, innovation and technological capacity

to transform any business area.



Nowadays, 90% of consumers currently use different screens in sequence. Cycle-IT offers you the technological capability to access your entire audience, whatever device they use. And that’s not all: we also provide the talent necessary to carry out innovative and surprising technological campaigns in record time.


logistics + operations

We help you to design the optimum technical solution, tailored to provide a coherent response to your internal production and management processes. Backed by a rational interface design, our engineers create the enterprise applications your business demands and that will allow you to achieve your goals.


sales force

Backed by mobility developments, we create multi-screen solutions for your team, making processes more flexible by leveraging the possibilities provided by smartphones and tablets to make presentations and purchase orders, send them instantly to your office and obtain metrics and reports like you have never imagined.



Cycle-IT provides you with the capacity to develop the data visualization and analysis software that will lay the foundations for taking decisions.

Our capacity to synthesize information and present it in the most appropriate way allows us to transfer the data needed at any given moment to any screen, receive notifications and warnings on your smartphone, read the latest report on your tablet and view your dashboard indicators on SmartTV or videowall screens.

Multiplatform & multi-screen services

  • Multi-screen Strategy
  • Technical Design of the Solution
  • Multiplatform Technological Design
  • UX Design
  • Interaction and Usability
  • Devise and Design the Interface
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Responsive Apps and Websites
  • Apps for SmartTV and Emerging Devices
  • Social Networks & Community
  • Data Visualization
  • Real-Time
  • Multiplatform Video Integration
  • Games and Gamification
  • E-commerce
  • HTML5, PhoneGap
  • Apache Flex
  • Adobe AIR
  • JAVA, Spring
  • Away3D, Starling
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